We search for information about cleanliness. Then asked people to tell us about their thoughts about it. Then the survey was conducted. We gather all the data and come to a conclution.

This study was conducted by sending a survey to students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 in our school regarding how the cleanliness of the school can affect the results of students. The survey was voluntary, and the survey participant ’s gender and age were the only information of the participants that we collected. A total of 49 students from all four levels answered our survey, which was sent to them via their Emails, but we only took 44 answers among the 49 answers to make the number of girls and boys equal (22 boys and 22 girls’ answers). This is to ensure that the results will be more reliable and accurate, and that it is fair. Most of the answers we got from, though, comes from the Lower Secondary students (secondary one and secondary two).

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