Introduction(Aim of Research)Video

Problem Statement

The Impact Of Cleanliness On SST  Students Concentration Learning

As we walk from classroom to classroom around SST, sometimes we notice that there are litter scattered randomly around the school. One good example of these litter are the black rubber on the field. As students walk across or have their Sports & Wellness lesson on the field, these black rubber will fall into their shoes or get stuck on the soles of their shoes. When these students leave the field, they tend to clear and leave these black rubber anywhere they want around the school, most probably because of the fact that they are too lazy to empty the black rubber back to the field or to the dustbin, or they expect the cleaners to help them pick up the litter they left behind, which is an extremely irresponsible act. Also, based on the TEXAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL INDOOR AIR STUDY (TESIAS): OVERVIEW AND MAJOR FINDINGS, a recent national study of college students have shown that the cleanliness of one’s learning environment can affect their learning; and that it is tough to label a certain individual as a “litterer”. Lack of cleanliness causes allergies, spread germs and provide higher stress level for students, which will ultimately affect a student’s results. We figured that this is a very serious matter and thus, we decided to do further research on this topic - how the cleanliness of SST can affect student’s learning.Thus our research topic is “ how does the  cleanness of the school affects student’s learning ”.

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